Other Name(s):

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Birthday: ?

Age: ?

Hometown: ?

Region: ?

Height: ?

Weight: ?

Occupation: Pokémon Trainer, Pokémon Nurse

Martial Status: ?

Relatives: ?

Series Debut: A New Journey Begins, Chapter 10


Alicia is a woman of average height with light skin, long light blue hair though the edges are black and light green eyes. When she was first seen she was wearing a normal nurse outfit similar to that of the Nurse Joys.


Alicia is shown to be kind with a witty personality. She seems very fond of Timothy although to what extent is unknown. Whatever other traits of her personality are unknown at this time.


Nothing about Alicia‘s past is known at this time.

Natural Ability's and Power'sEdit

Natural Ability'sEdit


Pokémon Trainer AbilityEdit

See Pokémon Trainer Profile



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