255 - Aquilion

Jetix Digi'dex Number - 255

Jetix 3D Digi'dex Number -

Ability -

Type -

Fire - 100%

Classification - Volcano Pokémon

Egg Group -

Size - 3'11”

Weight – 60 lbs

Gender Ratio-

  • Male - 0%
  • Female - 100%



Like its counter part Quilava , Aquilion is a slime quadruped pokémon. The top half of Aquilion's body is black, while the bottom half is a orange-red. It has brighter orange-red colored ears as well as yellow eye with red sclera 3 claw like marks on its stomach.

Gender DifferenceEdit

Aquilion is a female only species.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Like Quilava, Aquilion's fur is non-flammable, allowing it to withstand fire based attacks. The a flames that are produced from it neck and tail allow for slightly more powerful fire type attacks than Quilava.


Aquilion are very social pokémon that like to interact with people and other pokémon.


Aquilion are only found in Farplane though this is extremely rare.



In the seriesEdit

Major AppearanceEdit

Main Article: Ash’s Aquilion

Aquilion was the second pokémon Ash caught during Chapter 23 of Season 1 while in the Jetix Region during a double battle though the battle was never finish. Aquilion decided to join Ash after it was noted by Timothy that the Aquilion had a crush on Ash’s Infernape who it was battling.

Minor AppearanceEdit


Base StatsEdit

  • Hp:
  • ATK:
  • DEF:
  • Sp.ATK:
  • Sp.DEF:
  • Speed:
  • Evasion:
  • Total:

Type EffectivenessEdit

Damaged Normally by: 1xEdit

Weak to: 2xEdit

Immune to: 0xEdit

Resistant to:1/2xEdit

Move LearnsetEdit

By Leveling UpEdit

Level - Move

Start -

By TM/HMEdit

By BreedingEdit

By TutoringEdit


Evolves From:Edit

  • Female Cyndaquil while leveling up in Farplane Meadow.

Evolves Into:

Pokédex EntryEdit

Aquilion are very shy pokémon that prefer to stay away from other people and pokémon. They love to use their fire attack's when battling and are rarely seen in any other place other than near volcano's.

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