Averl Wisker

Other Name(s):

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Birthday: ?

Age: ?

Hometown: ?

Region: ?

Height: ?

Weight: ?

Occupation: Blood Wake General

Martial Status: ?

Relatives: ?

Series Debut: A New Journey Begins, Chapter 9

Appearance Edit

Averl is a man of average height with short spiky hair and brown eye’s. Unlike the rest of the blood wake member Averl wears a brown trench coat with a blue jump suit underneath it.


Nothing about Averl’s personality is known at this Timothy besides the fact that he completely hates Timothy. It is explained that this hate stems from the fact that Timothy blew up several of their base’s several years ago.


The only thing about Averl’s past that is known for sure is that during the time Timothy had infiltrated their Blood Wakes ranks he and Averl had worked together. However nothing else is known at this time.

Natural Ability's and Power'sEdit

Natural Ability'sEdit


Pokémon Trainer AbilityEdit



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