572-bliger by pequedark velvet-

Jetix D'dex Number - 572

Jetix 3D Digi'dex Number - 

Ability - 

Type -

  • Fire - 100%

Classification - Flame Tiger Cube Pokémon

Egg Group -  

Size - 

Weight - 

Gender Ratio- 

  • Male - 
  • Female - 



Gender DifferenceEdit

Special AbilitiesEdit




In the seriesEdit

Major AppearanceEdit

Main Article:

Minor Appearance:Edit



Main Article: unknown


Base Stats: 2121##2121390493^($)@Edit

Type Effectiveness: Water, (ANY FIRE WEAKNESS)Edit

Move LearnsetEdit

By Leveling UpEdit

By TM/HMEdit

By BreedingEdit

By TutoringEdit


Evolves From:

  • None.

Evolves Into: Tosger, sparger

Pokédex EntryEdit

Bliger's usually have a docile personality, but they are very playful and will get easily distracted. When angered they will spit sparks of fire from their mouth that are hot enough to badly burn.

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