Season 4 - Pokemon DX Taken To The Max - Counterpoint Convergence

The finals of the Chunin Exams are on and now Ash and Brock must fight through their toughest battles yet. However during the days of the finals strange thing began to happen and the body’s of several known shinobi are discovered prompting the Hoshikage to start an investigation. During the investigation Timothy finds a strange purple fur at each of the sites prompting him to question the nature of the suspect. As he continues his investigation he comes a cross a strange Mew who is the same color of the crime scenes, but soon begins to have his doubts about it involvement and begins to dig deeper uncovering a big plan.

Can Ash and Brock defeat their opponent in the Chunin Exams to become Chunin shinobi. And can Timothy uncover the connection between the dead shinobi and the strange Mew before the entire village is destroyed.

Find Out In The New Season Of Pokémon DX Taken To The Max: Counterpoint Convergence

Season 4 - Chapter's  Edit

Chapter 1 - A Looming Shadow

Chapter 2 - A Day Out

Chapter 3 - A Sunny Day Battle

Chapter 4 - An Urgent Interrupting Intermission

Chapter 5 - A Cat Scratch Emergency

Chapter 6 - History Of The Cat Kind

Chapter 7 - A Chunin Tournament Announcement

Chapter 8 - An Unfortunate Medical Diagnostic

Chapter 9 - A Test Of Swordsmanship

Chapter 10 - Round 1: Isabel Vs John

Chapter 11 - All Washed Up And All Washed Out

Chapter 12 - An Imperfect Technique With Dash Of Lightning

Chapter 13 - An Electrifying Training Experience

Chapter 14 - A Krisis On The Inside, Conflicting Feeling

Chapter 15 - A Conflicting Decision Part 1

Chapter 16 - A Conflicting Decision Part 2

Chapter 17 - A Early Notice Of Absence

Chapter 18 - Search For The Desert Devil

Chapter 19 - A Desert Search And The Target Sighted

Chapter 20 - Round 2; Karin Vs Lars

Chapter 21 - A Fierce Battle Of The Cloaks

Chapter 22 - A Mighty Roar And A Kind Heart

Chapter 23 - An Assassin In The Shadows

Chapter 24 - A Training Thought

Chapter 25 - An Oasis Expedition

Chapter 26 - A Quick Sparing Match

Chapter 27 - A Land Before Time

Chapter 28 - Relaxed & Refreshed, Your Up Ash

Chapter 29 - A Night Of Bloodshed

Chapter 30 - Round 3: Simon Vs Ash

Chapter 31 - A Team Effort, Static Blitz Ball Attack

Chapter 32 - A Bloodbath Scene Uncovered

Chapter 33 - A Prehistoric Battle Of Jurassic Proportions Part 1

Chapter 34 - Gathering Of The Shinia Hyogi-kai

Chapter 35 - A Prehistoric Battle Of Jurassic Proportions Part 2

Chapter 36 - Let The Murder Investigation Begin Part 1

Chapter 37 - Let The Murder Investigation Begin Part 2

Chapter 38 - The Culprit Captured

Chapter 39 - A New Bond And A Leap Of Faith

Chapter 40 - Round 4: Markus Vs Kacy

Chapter 41 - Squirming Sand Vs Dancing Shadows

Chapter 42 - Zero Hour: The Destruction Of The Shadow Begins

Chapter 43 – A Village In Distress: A New S-Ranked Mission

Chapter 44 - The True Identity Revealed, The Two Faces Of Markus

Chapter 45 – Battle Of The Kages: Shia Vs Ikiru

Chapter 46 - Ultimate Defenses Of The Village

Chapter 47 – Secret Technique: Cloak Of The Serpant

Chapter 48 – Pushed To The Limit: Ash's Final Technique

Chapter 49 – Moment Of Awakening: Rise Of The Chakra Beast

Chapter 50 – The Jinchuriki Of The Hidden Sand Vs The Jinchuriki Of The Hidden Ocean

Chapter 51 - The Beast Of The Hidden Shadow Arrives

Chapter 52 – A True Understanding Of The Beast Within

Chapter 53 – A New Bond Created & The Betrayal

Chapter 54 – A Chance At A New Future

Chapter 55 – The Chunin Exam Simi-Finals; Isabel Vs Lars

Chapter 56 – An All Of Battle Of Fierce Ferocity

Chapter 57 – A Complicated Medical Procedure

Chapter 58 – A Future Team Member Introduced

Chapter 59 - Understanding The Motivation Behind The Motive

Chapter 60 - Chunin Exam Simi-Finals: Ash Vs Brock

Chapter 61 – A Battle OF Friends & A Battle Of Resolve

Chapter 62 - A Promise Is A Promise

Chapter 63 - A Training Exercise And A Triple Cloak Combination

Chapter 64 – An Unknown Kitsune Power Unleased

Chapter 65 - The Chunin Exam Finals: Ash Vs Lars

Chapter 66 - The Powers Of Perfection

Chapter 67 - The Chunin Exams Are Over

Chapter 68 – The Chunin Exams After Party & A Painful Decision

Chapter 69 - We Might Always Say Goodbye, But It’s Never Forever

Chapter 70 - On To The Next One

Season QuoteEdit

Upcoming Season

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