768 - Echserto

Jetix D'dex Number - 768

Jetix 3D Digi'dex Number - 

Ability - 

Type -

  • Normal - 100%

Classification - Raptor Dino Pokémon

Egg Group -  

Size -  

Weight - 

Gender Ratio- 

  • Male - 
  • Female - 



Gender DifferenceEdit

Special AbilitiesEdit




In the seriesEdit

Major AppearanceEdit

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Minor AppearanceEdit

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Base StatsEdit

Type EffectivenessEdit

Move LearnsetEdit

By Leveling UpEdit

By TM/HMEdit

By BreedingEdit

By TutoringEdit


Evolves From:

  • None.

Evolves Into:

Pokédex EntryEdit

Echserto are pokémon said to be so vicious that most trainers avoid them at all cost. Trainer’s who do capture this pokémon find it really tough to train because of their temper, but those who manage to befriend it, end up with a very loyal and great pokémon.

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