Movie 1 - Pokemon DX Taken To The Max - From The Light And Darkness

A Pokémon’s life is about to come to an end and with it’s life drawing near it’s end the balance between the forces of Ying and Yang are out of sync. Sensing this the pokémon sends its two best friends to go and find the only person that is able to help, Timothy. Meanwhile Timothy and crew enjoy a day at the beach, but it is soon interrupted when a white dragon and a black dragon appear in the skies above and attack Karlin City. They rush to the city to try and fight off the dragons, but just as quick as they appear the two dragon disappear. Soon after the attack Timothy and crew are found by the two pokémon and they lead them back to the shocking surprise.

Con our hero’s figure out the secret behind these two dragons and if so do they have any connection to the dying pokémon.

Find Out In The Pokémon DX Taken To The Max Movie: From The Light And Darkness

From The Light And Darkness ContentEdit

Part 0 - The Intro

Part 1 - An Uneasy Feeling

Part 2 - The Search

Part 3 - The Foreknown

Part 4 - The Rescue

Part 5 - The Calm

Part 6 - The Introduction

Part 7 - The Storm Part 1

Part 8 - The Storm Part 2

Part 9 - From The Light And The Darkness

Part 10 - Final Farwells

Upcoming SeasonEdit

Pokémon DX Taken To The Max –  Counterpoint Convergence

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