Randy Utika

Other Name(s):

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Birthday: ?


Hometown: Hidden Shadow Village

Region: Jetix

Height: ?

Weight: ?

Occupation: Pokémon Trainer, Shinobi

Martial Status: Single

Relatives: ?

Series Debut: A New Journey Begins, Chapter 21


Randy is a light skinned boy with reddish-brown hair and green eye’s. His usual attire is a short sleeve black shirt and black pants. He sometimes wears a brown jacket which seems to mimic Timothy’s jacket being a weight however it is only about 100 to 180 pounds.


Randy is very prideful, arrogant, and downright disrespectful when it comes down to Timothy. This seems to stem from something that happened between the two while they were still in the shinobi academy. However this hatred only goes as far as defeating him in a fight being much like trash talk without actually killing anybody. Randy has also to have a kind side though it mostly shown toward his pokémon and his elders.


Nothing about Randy’s past is known except for the fact that he went to school with Timothy at the same time and the to seemed to have for some reason had a strong rivalry with each other.

Natural Ability's and Power'sEdit

Natural Ability'sEdit


Chakra User: Randy is a powerful shinobi and is the only shinobi in the entire Hidden Shadow Village who is brave enough to go against Timothy head to head in a fight. He is capable of using both Fire Release and Lighting Release techniques.

See Shinobi Profile

Ki User: After training to use his ki Randy has shown to become very powerful. He is capable of using powerful energy waves, fly and sense ki

See Ki Profile Ki Data

Pokémon Trainer AbilityEdit

See Pokémon Trainer Profile 




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