Other Name(s):

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Birthday: ?

Age: ?

Hometown: ?

Region: Jetix

Height: ?

Weight: ?

Occupation: Pokémon Trainer, Gym Leader

Martial Status: Single

Relatives: ?

Series Debut: A New Journey Begins, Chapter 22


Shondra is a average height teenage girl with long grass green hair which she always keeps up in a ponytail with a pink ponytail holder a blue eyes. When she was first shown she was wearing a two toned colored dress. Her normal attire though consist of a three toned dress like skirt with long white stockings and a pair of black gloves.


Besides the fact that Shondra is a kind person that loves her pokémon anything else about her personality is unknown.


Nothing about Shondra’s past is known at this time.

Natural Ability's and Power'sEdit

Natural Ability'sEdit


Pokémon Trainer AbilityEdit




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