Other Name(s):

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Birthday: ?

Age: ?

Hometown: ?

Region: ?

Height: ?

Weight: ?

Occupation: Pokémon Trainer, Blood Wake Member

Martial Status: ?

Relatives: ?

Series Debut: A New Journey Begins, Chapter 7

Appearance Edit

Tod is a light skinned boy with dark green eye’s and short spiky white hair. His usual attire is that of the normal Blood Wake outfit, a black shirt with a large red capital B and W overlapping each other and a pair of black jeans.


Not much of Tod‘s personality has been shown except for the that the fact that he is bossy though not to the point as Melisa who is extremely bossy. Tod is also shown to be really arrogant.


Nothing about Tod's past is known at this moment.

Natural Ability's and Power'sEdit

Natural Ability'sEdit


Pokémon Trainer AbilityEdit



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