Season 2

After a year of training at the Shadow Academy; Ash, Misty and Brock are getting ready for their graduation exams and the day when the rest of the group is to return. Soon after the rest of the group returns Ash, Misty and Brock are shocked to learn that Timothy is their sensei for their final test and after a tough game of tag they pass.

Soon afterwards Timothy is attacked by Haze, a group of shinobi lead by Helix Hines who is obsessed with retrieving Kysis, a ancient beast with unimaginable power. But during this time Timothy must overcome other obstacles such as the reappearing Alchemist , Antonio Wingo or the rebirth of the ancient pokémon of darkness Belzades or his most powerful enemy yet the powerful Dorashin, Gillz .

Can Ash and Co protect Timothy from the onslaught of Haze attacks or will they fail. Can Timothy prevent Haze from releasing the beast within in him or will Kysis once again be released.

Find Out In The New Season Of Pokémon DX Taken To The Max: Unforeseen Destiny’s

Season 2 - Chapter'sEdit

Chapter 1 - Taken It Day By Day

Chapter 2 - Practice Make’s Perfect

Chapter 3 - Misty’s New Pokémon, Rodney Returns

Chapter 4 - Regrouped, Your Final Test Start’s Now

Chapter 5 - The Test Is Over, You Passed

Chapter 6 - Haze Make’s A Come Back

Chapter 7 - Who Is Haze

Chapter 8 - Double Battle Takedown Part 1

Chapter 9 - Double Battle Takedown Part 2

Chapter 10 - An Eevolution Delima

Chapter 11 - A Revolution In Evolution Part 1

Chapter 12 - A Revolution In Evolution Part 2

Chapter 13 - Battle In Black-Out Forest

Chapter 14 - Istra Town Showdown

Chapter 15 - A New Trainer, Trainer’s For The Future

Chapter 16 - Welcome To Galaxy City, A Couple’s Battle

Chapter 17 - A Bonding Battle, Love Is Confusing Part 1

Chapter 18 - Mystic Lake, Search For A Friend

Chapter 19 - A New Enemy Arises, Battle Of The Alchemist

Chapter 20 - Alchemic Explanation, Return To The Village

Chapter 21 - Departure, First Mission: Search For Skunkit

Chapter 22 - Meadow Of Miracles, Ambushed

Chapter 23 - Haze Attack’s, Ninja Art: Seal Of Distortion

Chapter 24 - Terrifying Power From Within, Haze Retreats

Chapter 25 - Mission Completed, Return To The Village

Chapter 26 - Battle Of The Rivals, Ash Vs Micheal

Chapter 27 - The Battle Within

Chapter 28 - Kunochi’s Sleep Over, Love Is Confusing Part 2

Chapter 29 - A New Level Of Training

Chapter 30 - A New Level Of Training Continued

Chapter 31 - Invasion Of The Light, Helix Appears

Chapter 32 - The Sting Of Betrayal

Chapter 33 - Shia Vs Jenna and Timothy Vs Helix

Chapter 34 - Shia’s Furious Rampage, Strike Of The Serpent

Chapter 35 - Kysis Unleash, A New Jinchūriki

Chapter 36 - Timothy, The Cosmic Dragon Vs Helix, The Demon Of Light

Chapter 37 - Story Of The Light’s Past, The True Darkness Within The Light

Chapter 38 - Timothy Signature Jutsu; Hakai ry no manto (Destructive Dragon Cloak)

Chapter 39 - A Plan Played Out

Chapter 40 - Kysis Unleashed

Chapter 41 - The True Battle Start’s Now, Timothy Vs Kysis

Chapter 42 - True Story Of Despair, Losing The Fight

Chapter 43 - Bonds; Your Pain Is Now My Pain, The Battle Ends

Chapter 44 - Kysis Revealed, Peace Returns

Chapter 45 - Picking Up The Piece’s

Chapter 46 - An S-Ranked Mission, Journey To The Forest Of Death

Chapter 47 - Protector’s Of The Forest Of Death

Chapter 48 - Hunter J Returns, The Danger Raise’s

Chapter 49 - Race To The Goal, Stop Hunter J

Chapter 50 - Destination Reached, Temple Of Earth

Chapter 51 - Mission Complete, Retrieval Of The Sacred Treasure

Chapter 52 - The Invasion Occasion

Chapter 53 - My Mind In The Cloud

Chapter 54 - Interrupted, The Enemy From Space Attacks

Chapter 55 - An Earth Shaking Battle, No Ground Gained

Chapter 56 - The Glove’s Come Off, No Holding Back

Chapter 57 - Turning The Table’s, Timothy’s True Power

Chapter 58 - Deducing The Situation

Chapter 59 - The Sub-Space Training Room

Chapter 60 - Raising The Stake’s

Season QuoteEdit

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

Watch your words, for they become actions.

Watch your actions, for they become habits.

Watch your habits, for they become character.

Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

Upcoming SeasonEdit

Pokémon DX Taken To The Max – Unforeseen Destruction

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